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Samsung Medical Center, Giving “the large world and blue sky” to an Uzbek girl

November 18,2019

'I always felt weak so that I could not even go outside for a walk by myself.' Sevinch, an Uzbek girl, slept on her bed even during the day time, played only at home and was always taken care by her family members in her daily activities until she became 10 years old. However, it seems that she does not need to stay home all the time anymore since this year. As a social contribution project, Samsung Medical Center invited Sevinch and performed a free surgery on her this August. Sevinch, the invited pediatric patient, had a difficult case of Tetralogy of Fallot, which is a complicated congenital heart disease, and the local Uzbek doctors believed that they could not treat her. Therefore, Sevinch's family were looking for a good hospital abroad and as the result with the help of many organizations they were treated at Samsung Medical Center. At Samsung Medical Center, a total of surgery, two procedures and complex treatment were successfully performed on Sevinch who visited South Korea with her mother. Because of the active and detailed care of the medical staff, Sevinch recovered well and was discharged after ten days of hospitalization. In the past, Sevinch have had to be homeschooled because of her heart disease and concern for emergency incidents, but now she is able to go to school next year because of the treatment. Furthermore, she said that she is happy being able to take a walk by herself now and play outside with her friends. Sevinch also said that she wanted to become a doctor who could treat Uzbek people who strongly need for operation, but don't have an opportunity because of financial problems.