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Ewha Womans University Medical Center, Professor Junghun Lee developed a hybrid surgical technique by combining a traditional laparoscopic surgery and a robot surgery

January 20,2020

‘Hybrid Single Port Robot Surgery’ combines only the advantages of a single-hole-incision laparoscopic surgery and a robotic surgery. It has been found to preserve the fertility of a female patient and increase the cosmetic satisfaction as well. One disadvantage of a robot surgery is that the surgeon cannot have enough tactile feedback from inside of the abdomen as the robot arm, instead of the surgeon’s hand, reaches the surgical area like a lump or a lesion. Especially, in the case of the single-port robot surgery which makes a single small cut near the belly button, the limited length of a robot arm can prevent the surgeon from accessing a certain size of the lesion when hysteromyotomy is performed. In order to make up for this disadvantage, Professor Junghun Lee chose single-port laparoscope so that he could keep his tactile feedback for hysteromyotomy. And then, he let the robot finish suturing the surgical part meticulously. Like this, Professor Junghun Lee devised ‘Hybrid Single Port Robot Surgery’. Professor Lee has analyzed the surgery results by comparing his ‘Hybrid Single Port Robot Surgery’ and laparoscopic hysteromyotomy with a single port incision since Feb. 9th in 2018. According to the study, the former took 70 minutes while other cases took 102 minutes on average. Also, the recovery time of intestines was 28.9 minutes which is 10 minutes shorter than applying the single port laparoscopy. Additional tube insertion or conversion to the open surgery didn’t happen as much as before. Professor Junghun Lee summarized that ‘Hybrid Single-Port Laparoscopy Robot Surgery’ takes time less than other cases and its recovery time is also shorter, which helps reduce the time in the hospital as well. With all the advantages, this hybrid technique can be also applied to the patients with uterine myoma who couldn’t take the single-port laparoscopic surgery before. Professor Lee’s study was posted in the global journal ‘Journal of Laparo-endoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques and Videoscopy: Impact Factor 1.255’. In fact, Professor Junghun Lee, a specialist in gynecology cancer and benign tumor disease, has achieved the best results for the individual patient based on the rich experience of various surgical methods including a typical open surgery, a laparoscopic surgery and a single-port laparoscopic robot surgery.